Hi! I’m Manay Gina de Venecia. Thank you dearly for supporting this pandemic-born social enterprise. I’ve always been on the hunt for the best products and delicacies from around the country. In my time as head of the Congressional Spouses when my husband Joe was Speaker of the House five times, I got to sample most of these and would always buy a lot to share with my family and friends.

Whether sourced from trade fairs, pasalubong centers, market stalls, or even a community kiosk, the sight of food and even handicrafts would excite me as it is an opportunity to support micro- and small businesses and transfer that same enthusiasm of discovering them to people I love.

Giving gifts is probably my #1 love language. It’s how I show my love to others. And what better gifts to give really, than food– especially since I grew up in a household that enjoyed the best food and talked about it nonstop, yes, even while eating.

The pandemic hasn’t been easy for a lot of us. But as essential as it is then, and especially now to #supportlocal and #buylocal, I thought it would be a good idea to give back and support small businesses from the 4th District of Pangasinan – a congressional district that my husband Joe, currently my son Christopher, and even I represented once upon a time as a congresswoman two times.

All profits from the sale of these Manay Gina Love Packs which I curated with my son Christopher and my daughter Carissa will go to funding community pantries and supporting female-led small businesses to encourage entrepreneurship, creativity, innovation, and female empowerment–causes that are very close to my heartespecially the latter as I have been advocate of women’s rights all these years. In the meantime, experience these delicious delicacies and treats from the 4th District of Pangasinan, curated by yours truly!