Product Directory

1. Elisha Bay Food Products

This famous flavored marinated bangus and bangus-in-a-bottle brand is located in Brgy. Mangin, Dagupan City. Experience our iconic Dagupan bangus in contemporary flavors like Portuguese-style, pesto, spicy masala, Asian steak, Hainanese, and garlic in sukang Iloko. #WhenInDagupan

2. Fortune Dragon Farm

An up-and-coming agritourism destination in Brgy. San Juan, San Jacinto, the Fortune Dragon Agri-Farm is the 12-hectare retirement plan of its industrious owner, Mr. Teddy Nuez. It boasts of a variety of crops like vanilla bean and mulberry but they are most known for their dragon fruit and other healthy products that will surely delight the palate. #WhenInSanJacinto

3. Blessed Hand Turmeric tea

During this pandemic, I am never not drinking any type of herbal tea to help keep my immune system up. A favorite for this reason is salabat. Enjoy this healthiest of concoctions from Manaoag-based small business Blessed Hand and enjoy this concoction made from turmeric, ginger, pandan, lemon grass, sambong, malunggay, lagundi, banaba and guyabano! #WhenInManaoag

4. San Fabian’s Best Pingka

“Pingka” or dried swordfish is one of the absolute best delicacies from San Fabian, Pangasinan. Our family has been eating this for decades alongside the famous Dagupan bangus. Try pairing this with “champurrado,” a favorite merienda of our family. #WhenInSanFabian

5. Tiffany Food Products

These highly addictive Coco Banana chips are made using sweetened dried banana and are made here in our hometown Dagupan City. I love munching on these while watching the sunset in our balcony in Brgy. Binloc with my husband Joe. Their brand also offers a variety of products like cassava chips. #WhenInDagupan

6. Mendoza Handicrafts

Located in Brgy. Pao, Manaoag, this pasalubong stop-over showcases a wide variety of products, most of which are handcrafted in the town of Manaoag. When dropping by this famous pilgrimage town to pay your respects to Our Lady of Manaoag, be sure to buy yourself some hampers, planters, mirrors, baskets, plates, fans, lanterns, and chairs made from buri and rattan. #WhenInManaoag

7. San Fabian’s Tupig

This delicious delicacy from the North is made from shredded buko, glutinous rice, brown sugar, and margarine/oil. My children loved eating this while growing up and it’s something we often serve to our guests. Driving along the San Fabian highway, it’s hard to miss the row of tupig-makers who are grilling these chewy delights in unique cylindrical surfaces and charcoal. #WhenInSanFabian

8. Romana

Before it got famous in the City of Baguio, peanut brittle brand Romana was actually grown in Mangaldan, Pangasinan. They also offer tablea, salted peanuts, cashew nuts, peanut butter, and corn fritters, among other tasty treats. #WhenInMangaldan

9. Up Lokal

Get your daily dose of Vitamin C in every bottle of Mangaldan’s homegrown calamansi brand, Up Lokal! The calamansi used for the concentrate is actually sourced from plantations located in the nearby town of San Fabian. My son Christopher discovered this in his daily excursions around the district. Currently, they also sell lemon juice concentrate and delicious organic honey. #WhenInMangaldan

10. SRC Religious Articles

One of the famous tourist destinations in the 4th district of Pangasinan is the historical Minor Basilica of Our Lady of Manaoag. If you want to bring home an image of our beloved patroness, you may order it in a variety of sizes and colors.
Our Lady of Manaoag is truly miraculous and we are so grateful for all the love, blessings, and protection she has 
given us and the people of the 4th District of Pangasinan over the years. #WhenInManaoag

11. Fernandez Bagoong Trading

If you want to a have an authentic taste of Pangasinan, drop by Brgy. Herrero-Perez in Dagupan City to try Fernandez Bagoong Trading’s specialty bagoong. Our cook uses this for when she prepares pinakbet and binagoongan. You can also order their famous patis. #WhenInDagupan

12. Jarold’s Food Products

Craving for some yema? You can get this decadent dessert in a bottle from Brgy. Bonuan Gueset, Dagupan City. The spread is best paired with fresh “pandesal” and hot coffee. They also offer Ube Jam, Peanut butter, pichi-pichi, puto-pao and their famous bangus sisig. #WhenInDagupan